Saturday, February 20, 2010

latest activity!!

again..i hv another great moment wif tkd member..we hd bbq this evening..not many came but yet the fun is like a huge was a santai activity for the was usual..chicken n sausages..nasi goreng n orange cordial...wif some cikedis(junk food)
i was there at 415 mybe n few of us were there set up the fire...d evening was windy n cloudy..jz nice 4 this activity..smmore near the lake(gosh..lucky the air wasn't smell like usual)hehehe..
many topics hd been discussed wif some 'auta' scandal n gossip..overall it was so event but yet full of fun n joy..yup..the last part..the continues issue with regard of marriage was a joke that i'll never forget..1 of superb jokes in my life..n ya..some 18SX double meaning joke..hahaha..
looking 4ward for more activity!!!!keep in touch!