Wednesday, February 24, 2010

blik kg!!

yay dpt gk blik kg!1epy nk mampus..dh 3 bln melepak kt uia ni..njoy!!erm..lg pun exited nk tgok my new baby gurl..nuir damia auni..hehehe..ptg sok kot blah blik parit..erm..xsabarnye!!

huk huk huk..sedih kot cite ni..seriusly kalo korg kaki jiwang..kompem meleleh r air mata korg..ak admit early 25% of the story quite lame but ble dh smpai konflik kow2 kot..ak lyn je..huh..mmg power r jln cite dia..ak mmg fall in luv dgn watak utama dia..ble ak baca ak asyik tringat kt org 2 je..erm..syok n syok n syok, plak cite ni??ak kasi intro r...
farisya ni jd tomboy pas ayah die meninggal..n mmg btol r watak tomboy dia ni menjadi..dia g minta keje jd driver tp xdpt..masa nk plah 2 ada mamaht terlanggar dia kt lift..berasap r si farisya..sampai dia kejar kot mamat 2 sbb kerek je x mintak maap..rupe2nya..mamat tu boss company..pas something dia dpt jd driver..mula driver je..last2 boss dia bleh jatuh cintan plak kt minah 2..pastu kawin..rupanye adik mamat tu xsuka minah sial dorg wt jahat nk musnahkan idup minah 2..erm..mmg truk gk r minah 2 kene..ending dia??baca kasi ak gerenti korg xkan nyesal(kalo y kaki novel la)..baca novel ni..g bli cepat2..k ...layan!!

new hobby kot.. la novel pertama y ak hbs baca dlm thn kot..hahaha..sarcastic n penuh sindiran..kreatif n sarat dgn info n pengajaran..mmg agak lari dgn favourite ak tp cara penceritaan 2 mmg best tol..ak suggest korg baca ada gk y kurang..plot dia cm kureng skit..dr awal ke klimaks best..cuma peleraian(kalo xsilap r..dh lupa the term) cepat sgt..bleh kata cm nk cepat hbs 2 bg ak la..overall ak suka novel ni..ada masa baca r..erm nk kasi preview r kalo sape2 y xpernah baca..
3 org mamat terjumpa dlm 1 bunker masa lari nk selamatkan diri..sorg pakar kaji gunung berapi..seorg pengebom brani mati..sorg doktor..masa tu msia tgh huru hara cz gunung berapi kt indon nk meletup..along the process 2 each character cite la pengalaman idup masing2..pastu ntah cmne dorg tertido n terjaga after a long time..masa tu dh ada new world..n org2 zaman tu gle interested to know bout past world..lg 1 org2 zaman tu kene penyakit kusta..then 3 org ni cite la pasal dunia bru n also Islam...dorg cari gk penawar untuk kusta 2...

k la..antara buku y korg patut baca..ak y kaki jiwang pun bleh terbaca..xde hal punye..buku ni mmg lyn hbs

Sunday, February 21, 2010


i dunno wt happen actually..perhaps after done reading 2 mind was thinking about sm1..sm1 that hd changed my life a lot...erm...kinda shocked when there is a almost-same character in both novels who are almost-reflect sm1 that i really love..erm..

who is the of my fren know bout the person(easy to refer as A)..they said i was stupid to in love and believing the person(i agree so)..but yet..i still cant 4get or get angry to A(like sm other my frens did so)..erm..

why i cant 4get A..yup..A had messing up down my life twisting my day by 180 degree and make my world uncertainty but..behind that..A had gave a new life..A pulled me out fr the darkness..A proved me that world is not that bad..A gave me confidence to strive in trouble..A like everything 4 me...and frens said A jz want to have A thinking like that??

i was left without chance to meet A..technologies made us closer(still the invisible gap was so big) soul is not happy wif that..i'm suffered but lucky the smile is still here...when the time comes..i was so lonely..i used to have A to help'm alone looking 4 the light to bright my world..the rope to pull me out..erm...i live in my own imagination..

do i need to consult with sm1 who is expert..erm...A diff..even if A is a bad f^&*()_) ass&*!e..i dun mind as A gave me hope 2 survive..i learnt smthing as A always wants me to b happy and success...despite he had ruined(all of us including me agree) my life..looking at the bright side..without A..i still hiding behind..trapping in people judgments and definition..i b strong but when the time comes......................~~~

Saturday, February 20, 2010

latest activity!!

again..i hv another great moment wif tkd member..we hd bbq this evening..not many came but yet the fun is like a huge was a santai activity for the was usual..chicken n sausages..nasi goreng n orange cordial...wif some cikedis(junk food)
i was there at 415 mybe n few of us were there set up the fire...d evening was windy n cloudy..jz nice 4 this activity..smmore near the lake(gosh..lucky the air wasn't smell like usual)hehehe..
many topics hd been discussed wif some 'auta' scandal n gossip..overall it was so event but yet full of fun n joy..yup..the last part..the continues issue with regard of marriage was a joke that i'll never forget..1 of superb jokes in my life..n ya..some 18SX double meaning joke..hahaha..
looking 4ward for more activity!!!!keep in touch!

Friday, February 19, 2010

nk blik

dh kul 1am..plan nk update smpai ari ni tp cm ngantuk plak..ak try r..k la..y dh baca tq la 4 ur time..komen jgn x far ak jz tulis my experience je r..but by time i try 2 improve the info n context so we could gain gud knowledge here...hehehe..

putera raja ingin beradu..dayang..kasi lagu pok amai2 2 round..ZZzzzZZzzZZz


dr mmu tu sesat..aku la kpla..pastu kt pj pun sesat gk...itu org len punye 1-1 fair r..hahha
lg 1 y best ntah cmne dorg drive bleh jatuh num plat van tabah r team rombongan cik kiah ke kl plak..1 kete len saiz kelisa tp y naik thp rhino n elephant(sory kak t*** n kak **a)gurauan je...motipnye..walo apun tkd uia ready nk kasi gegar dunia!!YAY!!!

p/s:sape naik kete ak je y selesa..erm...sian tgok dorg..hopefully next time g naik bus sama2..bleh berlatih vokal sambil menyeru hujan..