Thursday, January 28, 2010

wow..amazing r8...i'm 21 yo now..erm..i hv my own freedom now by civil law but i'm still being bounded by syariah..thinking bout that..i did cross d line many times b4 i reach this does age a thing that i shud jz num n yet it carries a significant meaning behind it..

haha..kinda funny to think i stat to hv my own blog..who is going to read mine as i dun really bother 2 read d others??erm..i'm here 2 share my tot,experience,knowledge info etc(waaaaaa so many things!!!)..i'll try 2 make time 4 this..

erm...talking bout my new i hv to get a new life..i guess life had changed a lot i past few years..ya..those who knew me could b suprised wif wt my changes..arg..i shud not talk nonsense here...huh..oh ya..using eng as d medium here..cant wait 2 c wt mistake i hv done now..huhuhu..i guess i shud improve it but..wt ever...

alamak..rasa cm boring plak..its ok 1st attempt..perhaps i could b better in future(ya..that wt all ppl on d earth wish for)..hadoi..

erm..jz an intro la..but i guess 2010 is my year..i get the feeling..erm..arg..better off now...erm..this time i feel like i posting a rubbish..hei..anyway i open 2 any comment n critics..arg..tell me my mistake..ppl do mistake..i learnt something fr this proverb
"fix d prob,not to blame" prob is i dunno my am i gonna to fix it?? i stat 2 blame smthing...huh..ya..i shud fix them..huh..better off p-e/hafi/shafie/fifi/etc/wtever////....tut..tut..tut..